SN8 Front

SN8 Back


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This is a Class A, 4 band Equalisers which is in an 8 3/4 inch size module case. It has a single sensitivity switch which is used for Mic and Line input sensitivity adjustment, and Dual concentric controls for frequency select and Boost/cut.

It has shelving curves only on the HF and LF sections.

It uses a single PCB construction and has Transformer balanced Input and Outputs.

Generally this module is purchased by Clients who want a really good, clean Mic pre and the equaliser section is to them of secondary importance. Used largely for Drums and bass by these clients.

Fitted with 18 way Amphenol connector.



  • Sensitivity Range
    Single sensitivity switch selects either microphone input from -80dBm to -20dBm in steps of 5dB or line input from -20dBm to +1-dBm in steps of 5dB
  • Input Impedance (transformer balanced)
    Mic: 1200ohm Line: 10kohm


  • Output Impedance (at 1kHz) (Transformer balanced)<75ohm
    Maximum Output >+26dBm into 600ohm


  • HF controls
    4 switched frequencies: 4K, 8K, 10K, 15K. Plus peak/shelving switch with continuously variable boost/cut max +/-16dB
  • HI-MID controls
    6 switched frequencies: 0.36K, 0.7K, 1.6K, 3.2K, 4.8K, 7.2K. with continuously variable boost/cut max +/-16dB
  • LO-MID controls
    6 switched frequencies: 220Hz, 390, 700, 920, 1.3K, 2.4K. with continuously variable boost/cut max +/-16dB
  • LF controls
    4 switched frequencies: 35Hz, 60, 110, 220. with continuously variable boost / cut max +/-16dB
  • H.P. Filter
    3 switched frequencies: 300, 100, 30Hz slope 18dB/octave

Frequency Response
+/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz. (Line input ref 1kHz)

Noise (equivalent input)
Mic input<-125dBm

600ohm load at +20dB output: 20Hz <0.15%. 1kHz <0.01%. 10kHz <0.05%