• Frequency Response
    Line Input to headphone Output: 20Hz to -1.0dBu

    Input Level +18dBu: 1kHz reference

    Output Level +28dBU: 20Hz to -0.1dBU

  • Distortion
    Line input to Headphone output: 100Hz 0.037%

    Input Level +18dBu 1kHz 0.005%

    Output Level +28dBU 10kHz 0.080%

  • Crosstalk
    Between channels
    100Hz -87dBu

    1kHz -85dBu

    10kHz -65dBu

  • Noise
    At headphone output -96dBu

  • Inputs (Electronically Balanced)
    Operating Level +4dBu

    Impedance >10k ohms

  • Headphone Outputs (Drive Capability)
    20watts into 8 ohms (per channel)






A system has recently been supplied to David Gilmour Music (Pink Floyd), for use in his London studio.

FBS1000 Mixer Station
on floor stand

The Mk II Version is based upon the concepts and aesthetics of the original FBS 1000 Mk I system. It's electronics have been totally redesigned, setting new standards in Technical and operational performance as well as facilities, thus making the Mk II version a more flexible product. Improvements over the original system:

Audio connections to the Mixer are balanced at + 4 dBu (on ELCO's)

Master level controls are in an "active gain control" configuration, resulting in reduced noise at low settings. The controls are 0 dB unity Gain at the centre which is detented to provide an easily re-settable reference point.

Signal level indication at the Master is by a three colour LED per signal path which illuminates Green at - 16 dBu, Yellow at 0 dBu, and Red at + 16 dBu.

The Stereo Mixer station has a MONO push-button on each channel to enable a mixture of Stereo and Mono signals to be set up. This not only Mono sums the L - R signals but also configures the mode of the PAN/ Balance pots. PAN for Mono, Full rotation left results in around 4 dB level increase of the left side and full attenuation of the right side (and vice versa ) BALANCE for Stereo Full rotation left results in 4 dB increase in the left side and 4 dB decrease in the right side (and Vice Versa ) giving a Stereo image shift.

Talkback to Mixer Stations, is now controlled within the Master unit resulting in reduced bus - noise within the Mixer Stations

Flexible Talkback control consists of Jumper settable options

  1. No Talkback
  2. Talkback inject into channels and sum with channels
  3. Talkback inject into channels and sum with dimmed channels
  4. Talkback replaces channels (i.e. Cuts channel audio ) These options can be applied to a) Left Channel b) Right Channel or c) Both channels.
  5. Return Talkback from the Mixer Station is balanced at + 4 dBu. All return talkbacks are summed in the Master unit. h) Audio Cabling is by means of industry standard 56 way ELCO's. Wiring is pin to pin
  6. Power for the Master unit and Mixer Stations is sourced from a separate Power Supply. All units are CE approved.
  7. The system consists of one Master which can feed 6 Wallboxes, One Power supply unit which will supply one wall box (plus the master). Each wall box has outlets for 4 mixer stations. If more than 4 mixer stations are required then additional Power supply units can be ordered and each one will power a 4 outlet wall box.

Each mixer station comes complete with its own sturdy stand and two headphone mounting brackets.

Cables can be supplied or customer can wire his own.

Master unit. 8 electronically balanced inputs with level control

Master unit has six multiway (EDAC) connectors